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Step Global can provide you with an extensive range of services in relation to the technologies, products and systems that we specialise in.

Systems Engineering
We can design full end to end solutions to your specification. If you don't have a specification, just an idea, then we can help you develop your requirements. We can project manage the delivery of your system.

Product Development
In many applications an off the shelf product is just not the right fit. We have the capability to either modify existing platforms, or develop complete new products to provide cost effective and fit for purpose solutions.

Software Development
Over a period of time we have provided a range of software solutions to meet our customers requirements. We have extensive experience in development of customer specified mobile apps (Android, Linux and Windows), embedded firmware on various platforms, and server / cloud based middleware.

We have the skills and experience to integrate a diverse range of technologies into a single platform. Developing specific interfaces, both electrical and mechanical, to meet the customers requirements is something that we pride ourselves on.

Systems that are made up of many parts, require software configuration, and require full traceability are our speciality.

We can source system components, kit, build, test, package and ship to multiple destinations with full traceability for any type of AVL, RFID, GNSS, Timing or wireless data communications system.

CalAmp Specific Services

  • Step Global is an accredited CalAmp Value Added Reseller
  • We are experts in development of CalAmp scripts for LMU's and TTU's
  • We can provide an extensive range of peripheral devices to suit
  • We provide server based device messaging and management software
  • We provide extended warranty contracts for up to 4 years
  • We provide service and maintenance agreements
  • We can service your CalAmp products