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New LTE/WiFi MIMO Antenna from Maxtena

Step Global is excited to announce a new antenna from Maxtena, the Maxwave LTE/WiFi MIMO Antenna for Transportation

Maxtena Launches Maxwave a LTE/WiFi MIMO Antenna for Transportation

The Maxwave Antenna is a scalable 4x4 LTE/WIFI Multiple-In Multiple-Out (MIMO) antenna designed to provide high-bandwidth streaming communications in onboard wireless systems.

Maxtena designed this antenna to scale in performance and evolve as the train's wireless systems advance, providing reliable high-speed wireless internet to onboard systems. Installing two of the 4x4 Maxwave antennas in the 8x8 configuration will provide high-performance 4x4 technology immediately, and scaling to 8x8 is as simple as installing the new onboard system modems. The antenna is mounted externally on the train's roof and provides a patented omnidirectional coverage that is unmatched by comparable antennas. The antenna's superior isolation maximizes the performance between Maxwave elements as well as other antennas on the train roof while retaining remarkable efficiency.

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