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Big News for Mobile Mark

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Big news for Mobile Mark, one of Step Global's major suppliers of antennas and other quality communications equipment. Mobile Mark have recently acquired Comtelco Industries and all of the Comtelco range of antennas, equipment and personnel have been folded into the Mobile Mark family. 

Comtelco antennas cover a wide range of Land Mobile Radio (LMR) antennas for both mobile and site installations. Antenna styles include omni-directional base station antennas, directional Yagi and Folded Dipole Antennas, In-building Panel and Ceiling mount antennas, and Mobile surface mounts. Additional antenna solutions are available for Cellular, ISM, UHF, VHF, and Low Band Mobile Antennas. The Comtelco antennas are widely valued for their efficient performance and rugged construction. Mobile Mark

The move is part of Mobile Mark's commitment to provide high quality antennas for commercial wireless applications. The acquisition of Comtelco antennas immediately expands the range of antenna solutions we can offer our customers and will position us to develop additional antenna solutions.

Step Global look forward to providing the expanded range of Mobile Mark's products to Australian customers. For further information, please contact Step Global on +61 3 9551 7334 or through our website at or by email,